Abolish "Mother" and "Father"? No thank you!

Have you heard of Bill 28?

Among its many problems, this proposed legislation seeks to reconstruct the family by stripping away the words “mother” and “father” replacing those words with “parent” and “birth parent”. Click here for some background information on this bill, which includes video and written reports from Faith Goldy from The Rebel Media, Andrea Mrozek from Cardus, ARPA (Association for Reformed Political Action), and Dr, Scott Masson.

As I mentioned to you a few weeks ago, Queenie Yu testified on behalf of Ontario parents at a hearing for Bill 28. Queenie definitely had the impression that the PC MPPs were going to support the Kathleen Wynne Liberals as they did with sex-ed, carbon tax, etc.

Therefore, Bill 28 will almost certainly get passed by the legislature since all three parties are supporting it. A couple of weeks ago the National Post alluded to PC leader Patrick Brown’s support of Bill 28.

This is consistent with what sources tell me--that Brown and his PC Caucus are planning to support Bill 28, and PC MPPs who disagree have been instructed to absent themselves from voting.

However, I don’t believe that most people in your community are in favour of removing “mother” and “father”, and your MPP  should know this, and vote against this bill.

Your MPP should know that even if most people haven’t even heard of Bill 28, those who find out about it are horrified that the Opposition PC Party would go along with another Kathleen Wynne exercise in social engineering.

We need to encourage MPPs to speak out against this. It’s your MPP's job to represent you- not to tow the line of Patrick Brown or Kathleen Wynne. The vote is expected any day now- and some sources suggest it will happen this Tuesday.

We cannot allow a unanimous result for the vote. It is unacceptable for the official record to suggest that there were no dissenting voices on this issue. Therefore, I’m asking you to contact your MPP and ask him/her:

-will you show up to vote?

-will you vote for or against Bill 28?

-regardless of how they plan to vote, tell your MPP that you are opposed to Bill 28

To search for the name and the constituency contact information for your MPP, please click here.

Please forward me the email you send, or simply BCC me at [email protected]

If you phone your MPP’s office and have spoken with someone, please send me an email and let me know how it went.

I cannot stress the importance of contacting your MPP as soon as possible. We need all concerned Ontarians to take action.

Keep me posted!

Tanya Granic Allen, President

Parents As First Educators


Some resources to help you understand Bill 28

1) A video of Faith Goldy from The Rebel discussing Bill 28:


2) A write-up from Andrea Mrozek of Cardus on the problems with Bill 28:


3) FAQs from Association for Reformed Political Action Canada (ARPA) on Bill 28:


4) A commentary from Dr. Scott Masson:


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